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Eating is part of the regular routine in everyone's day. We often take the ritual that surrounds these parts of the day for granted but for a child they can be big events and they provide two important ingredients for the rest of the day.

The first is SUSTENANCE. Much has been written about the importance of nutritious food to sustain a child throughout their day. It provides fuel for their bodies and supports them to regulate their behaviour including their emotions, physical energy and tolerance to challenges. So when things are getting 'testy', check in to see if hunger is a factor. Is your child a grazer? Maybe they need a few fuel stops in their morning. (Check out the barometer for ways to talk about regulation with children)

The second ingredient for the day is SECURITY. The regular rhythm of eating throughout the day is comforting and predictable. It is a marker for the time that has passed and the time that is to come. Turning your eating times into times of ritual help the day to pass. What is the special part in the eating ritual for your family? Have a look at some of our Grove ideas for finding time to learn during times to eat.

Early Years Learning Outcome 1

Children have a strong sense of identity

Early Years Learning Outcome 3

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing


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