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We believe in striving for excellence. Our aim is to provide a high quality education service that responds to the needs and interests of all young children.

Grove Kindergarten is a place of learning where children come together in a friendly, stimulating, safe and attractive environment to play, learn, connect and grow.

We believe that children learn best through play which involves them in authentic, active and fun experiences. We also know that children learn best when the important people in their lives establish good relationships: teachers with children, teachers with parents, and children with children. Educators keep a focus on what makes a difference and build intellectual challenge and engagement to support children to become powerful learners.

By building a community of confident learners that includes children, families and educators, opportunities exist for developing a life-long interest in, and enjoyment of learning.


Grove Kindergarten Annual Report 2022


Grove Kindergarten

Preschool Quality Improvement Plan 2024

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